Hacking your daily health
with a single breath
A Check Engine Light For Human
MouthLab Mobile Monitoring System makes precision medicine a reality by rapidly gathering, and efficiently analyzing a large amount of clinically relevant subjective and objective information in real-time. It’s as simple to use as a toothbrush yet comprehensive enough to provide a daily snapshot of your overall health, enabling early detection of disease progression and timely intervention.
Ergonomically designed mouthpiece captures vital biochemical and biophysical parameters through access to breath, saliva, mucous membrane, and blood vessels.
Hand Unit
The hand unit is the heart of the device with in-built proprietary sensors, LED indicators, and complex firmware to provide a superior experience and impeccable health measurements.
Charging Stand
The stand acts as a cradle to the device and recharges the device for prolonged use.
A Medical Tricorder optimized for
Rapid Health AssessmentTM
Our transformative multisensor device, MouthLab™, captures 10+ health parameters in under a minute, providing access to real-time digital biomarker feedback and actionable health insights. This empowers consumers to visualize day-to-day changes, and perform longitudinal trend analyses, notifying them of subtle fluctuations in their health and helping them play an active role in their treatment choices.
From Data to Insights in seconds
Our solution includes a single integrated device and AI-enabled enterprise platform to create a unique ‘biosignature’, composed of multiple digital biomarkers that intelligently reflects an individual’s true health.

With our evidence-based mobile app, users can see an objective and comprehensive measure of positive impacts they are making to their health, thus driving engagement, and providing motivation to keep them on the journey towards better health.
The Provider dashboard offers real-time access to user’s health and behavior changes imparting insights on crucial biomarker trends. This information could be highly valuable to providers and trial administrators to predict drug and treatment response, enable safer administration and dose titration, streamline adverse event and adherence reporting, and ultimately, improve user engagement, and clinical outcomes.

By leveraging our cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, we aim to integrate all the aspect of health at a single place.
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Science Behind our
Multisensor or Multi-parameter Biomarker Approach

Multiple studies have shown that the digital and medical biomarkers, similar to what we measure through our device, can synchronously respond to various therapies with or without any assisted coaching. By harnessing the power of such an integrated sensor platform, providers can fine-tune the course of predicting complexities with high sensitivity and specificity.
Potential Use Case:

Using a composite of multiple physiological trends measured using MouthLab, we aim to detect the gradual worsening of conditions like heart failure, contrary to just relying on the conventional practice of measuring weight changes. A combination of blood pressure, EKG, respiration rate, SpO2, respiratory flow-cycle morphology, and spirometry lung functions, could provide a Composite Index, which would eventually help understand patient’s current health status. Physicians can set a clinical threshold and when a threshold is crossed, it can proactively inform the physicians. In most cases, this could happen weeks in advance of a potential disease-related event. This provides clinicians with more time to adjust treatment, improve patient outcomes, and turns reactive treatment into proactive care.
Take advantage of our Multisensor Monitoring System
Our solutions are astutely crafted to deliver precision medicine through digital therapeutics. We enable monitoring of an individual’s primary condition as well as their co-morbidity to improve treatment response, and in the future, forecast exacerbations, and even predict and prevent hospitalization. Our personalized mobile app leverages gamification and utilizes techniques to capture instinctive wellbeing, thereby ensuring a holistic approach to health restoration.
Visualize and better understand the snapshot of your overall health.
Give care providers secure access to your comprehensive medical history, including daily health and behavior data.
Engage with your caregivers and your care community.
Partner with your coach to empower health and behavior change, and sustain progress.
Create your
unique biosignature
Aidar Health offers a new paradigm for personal health by enabling care to be delivered and research to be conducted anytime, anywhere, through our device and mobile data capture system. By removing the barriers to clinical care and research, we are in parallel capturing the largest digital dataset on human health and disease, which will transform our understanding of health, disease, and human behavior.​