Accelerating the Digital Revolution in Healthcare
Our Strategy
We aim to deliver a single integrated device and platform for chronic conditions that allow providers and biopharmaceutical companies to measure and improve drug and treatment outcomes. Ultimately, our goal is to develop novel prescription digital therapeutic solutions that can be easily integrated into the life-flow of the users to deliver better care to complex chronic conditions, anytime, anywhere.
Strategic Partners
Values of our Partnerships
Aidar Health is harnessing the power of technology-driven solutions to nurture precision medicine. Led by actionable real-time digital biomarker feedback, smarter engagement and sustainable behavior change solutions, Aidar Health is uniquely positioned to provide an unparalleled value proposition to its key stakeholders.

Apply patient-centered approach

Capture unique and actionable biomarkers

Advance treatment and therapies using our turn-key solution

Improve health economics

Sustain better health through self-knowledge

Employ evidence-based care strategies

Reimagine Medicine through Digital Therapeutics
We aim to design and deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to individuals to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. We aspire to use our solution independently or in concert with medications, behavior interventions, or other therapies to optimize patient care and health outcomes.

Single Device, secure
cloud-bassed Technology
and plateform

Personalized Care

Therapeutics Interventions
(Drug or Digital)

Health and Financial

Changing Behavior
through intrinsic motivation
Behavioral change is the key objective of any intervention, and it is proven useful in addressing lifestyle modification for disease prevention, long-term disease management and addictions. We enable user-led design strategies to create a sticky user experience and empower users to develop intrinsic motivation, in turn, nurturing self-efficacy to create a long lasting behavior change.
In addition to promoting health, our technology-driven behavioral medicine could help control substance abuse, manage chronic conditions, improve medication adherence, enhance dental care, and increase acceptance of digital therapeutics across various cancer indications.
Section 3.6 picts
One dynamic solution for multiple conditions
We aim to build on the “Promise” of biomarker feedback as a risk communication strategy to promote health behavior change.
*the device and system has not been approved for any specific indications or intended use as mentioned above. The graphics represent some of the top application that our customers are interested to explore.
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Aidar Health’s diverse network is international and growing. We curate an elite and passionate network of the best healthcare partners and foster global impact through our vision.
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